What Is Maternity Acupressure And Is It Safe

Most women dream of getting married and having kids. Some women are blessed to have this dream come into reality. Indeed, many women do get married, settle down, and start having kids. Nevertheless, nobody said that this would be easy especially when it comes to childbirth.

It is an old saying that a child can only repay her mother after she has given birth as well. This is because childbirth is one of the most painful things a woman can ever physically feel. Luckily for some women, there are ways on hot to ease up on child birth.

There are natural ways on how to induce labor. One of this is maternity acupressure. However, what is this treatment and what does it involve? What are the benefits? How does it induce labor or childbirth? Is maternity acupressure safe? To answer these questions here is some top level information.

All About Maternity Acupressure

  • This is a practice performed by the Chinese for hundreds of years. This is just like acupuncture, but instead of using the needles the therapists use pressure on the different parts of the body of a pregnant woman.
  • There are studies that show that 83% of women who use this approach have a better and faster labor and childbirth compared to those who use what we now consider standard medicines to induce labor. Research shows that through the use of acupressure ahead of childbirth, labor time is lessened and pain is not as intense.
  • Now the question is, is maternity acupressure safe? After years of research, western culture has already approved of this type of therapy or method of inducing childbirth. Not only because it is effective but also because it is found to be very safe and natural. The World Health Organization along with the United States National Institutes of Health has already approved and recommended the use of acupressure and validated that it is indeed safe for pregnant women and their children.
  • The next question is how treatment can help in naturally inducing the labor. Maternity acupressure is a method in which a person applies an amount of pressure to a certain part of the body:
  1. This helps in dilating the cervix of the woman which helps speed up the slow phase of early labor. This helps in stimulating the contractions during labor thus helping the baby to come out without stressing them.
  2. Besides the fact that this helps in inducing labor, this can also be used during the delivery of the child. This helps in relieving a woman from the stress, anxiety, pain and suffering that is due to the labor and delivery of the child.
  3. Another reason why many doctors, obstetricians, and gynecologists recommended it is that this manipulation of the body does not over stimulate the body of the mother. This means that it is incapable of distressing the baby. Maternity acupressure is an optimal way of allowing the body to work on its natural course. This does not change or alter the body; it only enhances the capabilities of the natural self.

In reality, many people, especially pregnant women, ask questions about acupressure. Though there are many ideas on what it is and how it can help, it is still best to ask a physician about it. Before trying anything on a pregnant woman, it is best to seek professional help to make sure that the mother and the child are both safe.

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